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Celebration of Pete McCarthy's life.
Celebration of Pete McCarthy's life. 

Pete's Memorial Service

3.00pm Saturday 13 November 2004

St.Peter's Parish Church, York Place, Brighton  -  in the centre of town. All welcome.


We are very sorry to announce the tragic loss of Pete McCarthy.

Pete died on Wednesday 6th October 2004 at The Royal Sussex Hospital, Brighton.

Writer, broadcaster, comedian and a hugely popular performer, Pete was thrilled & delighted with the worldwide reaction to his books McCarthy's Bar and The Road to McCarthy. This year he'd been planning his third book, eagerly anticipating new journeys, chance encounters and all the promise of a new venture.

Many will remember Pete's early seventies adventures in cabaret & community drama in Brighton & Hove. Some of us first saw him perform with the seminal Cliffhanger Theatre Company, either in a character-forming Edinburgh Fringe Festival venue or during a sleepless Transit van tour across England. 

In the late eighties & nineties, Pete went on to enjoy a wider audience through travel related programmes such as Travelog, Breakaway, Desperately Seeking Something and X Marks The Spot, to which he lent his irrepressible good humour, skilled observation and playfulness. But it was the researching & writing of his own projects which appeared to give him the most pleasure. These books endeared him to several generations around the globe who were either Irish, part Irish or who embraced the Celtic alternative to the Anglo Saxon rule book. Pete's books caused seismic public laughter on suburban trains, transatlantic planes, storm tossed ferries, in cheap student accommodation and very definitely on the Underground. The man himself was lovely and shall be missed.

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The Road to Mc Carthy by Pete McCarthy

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