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BRASS part of Black Dyke Arts Festival with cartoonist Tony Husband. Photo courtesy of John Stirzaker
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Ian hosts hit weekly show The Verb on BBC R3, dedicated to investigating spoken words around the globe.

'a great contribution at our conference ... your humour and energy-packed intro really kick-started the day and your poem to end was a brilliant summary ... allowing us all to leave with a smile on our face as we stepped out to change lives together in the wonderful Wakefield weather!' Mark Penny, chair of Canal & River Trust (North East)

Ian McMillan proved himself the ultimate spoken word artist, in that he was never at a loss for them – spoken or otherwise. His show Talking Myself Home was a dazzling combination finely-honed poems and stand-up’s repartee. When the audience weren’t savouring his metaphors (in a Wish-I’d-Written-That way), they were shrieking with laughter. And what more could you want from a poetry show?' Russell Thompson Apples'n'Snakes

‘The John Peel of poetry’ Alec Finlay
‘Jovial Poetic Troll’ Mark Radcliffe  

He’s a regular on Coast, The Arts Show, You & Yours, The Today Programme, Last Word and previously, Any Questions, Quote Unquote, Have I Got News For You? and Just A Minute. Other radio includes comedy series Street and Lane written with Dave Sheasby  -  ‘just the right amount of playfulness to take the quotidian into the comic’ The Guardian. He’s the 22nd Most Powerful Person in Radio. It says so here in The Radio Times. 

'It was a remarkable afternoon. None of us had laughed that much in a long time at work and God knows, you need to laugh! We are quite a new team and I know that yesterday will contribute hugely to developing that collective memory which is so important. We all went away knowing for sure that we are creative people, we can do what we want and with renewed energy and enthusiasm' . Sandra Stancliffe, English Heritage

'It was a terrific performance and you went down a storm. People loved it and you pitched it absolutely perfectly for the audience...' Steve Minby, Chief Exec, National College for Leadership of Schools and Children's Services

'Last year's Speech Day went on and on and on. Relentless. Woke up from a boredom doze and it was still going... Today I laughed so much I was crying.' Amanda

He is Poet in Residence for The Academy of Urbanism, a cutting edge group devoted to defining & driving our urban environments.  

'an inspiring figure, an encouraging & democratic spirit, a strong & popular poet and one of the funniest people in Britain’ Poetry News
'The man’s a genius! We had a great time and the client was more than satisfied’ David Burnby Associates
It cleared me chest something wonderful' Theatre By The Lake, Kendal
I think everyone there truly, madly and deeply loved the contribution you made to our event today, Ian. I’ve seldom seen over 100 people crying with laughter, and never in the context of a leaders’ conference. And woven into it were some really clear messages about the importance of place, the importance of people, and the need to see the Nobel prize winner in everyone we meet.' Peter Stott, Executive Director, HOME Group

Ian is poet-in-residence for The Academy of Urbanism and Barnsley FC. He’s UK Trade & Investment’s Poet, Yorkshire TV’s Investigative Poet and Humberside Police’s Beat Poet. Ian is Visiting Professor at Bolton University . He’s an honorary doctor of Sheffield Hallam University , North Staffs Polytechnic and most recently University Centre Barnsley  -  Huddersfield University . ‘You can call me Doctor, Doctor…’  

He has been a poet, broadcaster, commentator and programme maker for over 20 years. The last 12 months have seen him exploring language & communication with students, teachers, education policy makers, local authority officers, politicians and business communities.  

The Ian McMillan Orchestra was featured on The South Bank Show and at BBC Proms Plus. www.theianmcmillanorchestra.com  
'verbal wit and brilliant musicianship makes it a kind of Flanders and Swann with the subject matter firmly uprooted from London to Yorkshire. I love Flanders and Swann so that’s quite a compliment.’ www.thejazzmann.co.uk 
I’ve laughed so much, my face hurts’ Coventry Young Writers' Festival

His verse autobiography is Talking Myself Home (John Murray Publishing).

In 2007, Ian McMillan was appointed Yorkshire Planetarium’s Poet in Space and National Poetry Day Poet-in-Residence.  

‘I’ve been going to business dinners for forty years and you’re the best speaker I’ve ever heard!’ CBI Yorkshire & Humberside  

‘Easily the funniest and most entertaining awards presentation I have photographed in over 27 years of professional photography…’ Giles Rocholl, Former Picture Editor, Yorkshire Post. www.gilesrocholl.com  

  Ian McMillan - storm in a teacup?

‘the Shirley Bassey of performance poetry’ T.E.S.
‘without doubt the funniest, quirkiest, sharpest presenter in the business’ Sue Arnold
The Observer

Sony Awards on The Verb Writing Competition 'This proved that there is a great competition out there waiting to be created for every station and audience. It oozed creativity, with a new twist every edition, and inspired its listeners to display their prodigious talents. The presenter was a joy; warm and enthusiastic but still erudite. Yet another welcome element in the loosening up of Radio 3.

'it sounds nothing like what you might imagine a literary show on Radio 3 would sound. I don't mean McMillan's Yorkshire accent so much as his down-to-earth enthusiasm. Saturday night telly is rubbish anyway. Give yourself a treat and tune in.' Ken Garner Sunday Express

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