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Roger McGough

Roger McGough’s writing career spans four glorious decades. Over forty years youthful exuberance (‘McGough has done for British poetry what champagne does for weddings…’ Time Out) may have given way gradually to wry reflectiveness (‘A poet for us all: laconic, ironic, at times Byronic’ Laurie Lee), but McGough’s poems remain as potent as ever they were: witty, engaging, offbeat and utterly memorable. Collected Poems gathers together for the first time in one volume all the poems (or nearly all - some have been put quietly to rest by the poet), and arranges them in such a way as to provide a portrait of a life seen through the prism of poetry.

‘You can hear McGough’s voice in these poems; not just his speaking voice, but his poetic voice, poking gentle fun at pretension and shining his poemy torch in dark corners…I’m a McGough fan, and I have to say that if it hadn’t been for him and a few others like him, standing up in pubs and schools and universities all those years ago, then we would never have had the poetry boom we’ve got now’ Ian McMillan

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