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Roger McGough - "Lively" front cover

CD  -  Lively 

featuring Everyday Eclipses, The Ways Things Are, Sporting Relations, Bad Bad Cats, The Bees' Knees, poems old & new and one written on the train to the gig. As lively a night as you could conjure.

Dads, daughters, lovers & loveliness, Everton FC, the squeak of a conscience, the mutterings of God - there's nothing like a McGough poem to set an audience roaring and dabbing in the same breath. Well overdue then, this collection of heartfelt verses from a major poet in peak condition, an international cap whose poems sing out long after the turnstiles cease clattering.

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Roger McGough - by Graham Kershaw
painting: Graham Kershaw
Roger McGough CD - Lively  -  Track Listing
Samples for selected poems - click speaker symbol for mp3.
1   Nine to Five
2   Introduction / Here I Am / Fame
3   Greek Tragedy / The Terrible Outside
4   The Man In The Moon
5   Learning To Read / Wearing Thin / The Railings / What Does Your Father Do? / Posh
6   You And I
7   At The Bottom of The Street / M.I.L.T. / Honey & Lemon
8   Sporting Relations Uncle Pat / Aunty Dora / Aunt Ermintrude / Cousin Nell / Cousin Daisy
click to hear '40-Love' 9   40-Love
10   Fired With Enthusiasm / The Mini Metro
11   Five Car Family
12   Everyday Eclipses / Survivor / Let Me Die A Yong Man's Death
13   Bob Dylan and the Blue Angel / Hey, Dude / A Bolt From The Blue / Thank U Very Much
14   In Vain / The Health Forecast
click to hear 'Oxygen' 15   Oxygen
click to hear 'The Missing Sock' 16   Children's poems The Missing Sock / Well Wisher / Head / Life Ain't Nuttin' But A Hill o'Beans / Spelling Bees / Bad Bad Cats / Mafia Cats
17   Tsutsumu
18   Manx / Perreq / Perfect Crime / Divine Juggler
19   Funicular Railway
20   Defying Gravity
21   The Trouble With Snowmen
22   Cinders / The Way Things Are
23   refrain Everyday Eclipses

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