Everyday Eclipses
Everyday Eclipses - cover Everyday Eclipses
Roger McGough

Viking (Penguin) 2002
ISBN 0-670-91262-X

'At the intersection of Bold Street and Hardman Street
he stopped. 'I'm at the crossroads, Rog,' he said.
''I can see that Bob,' I said. 'No, I mean my career,
I don't know which way to turn.' 'Seems clear to me, mate,
let's have a coffee and I'll put you straight.'

So over cappucino in the Picasso I laid it all out.
Dump the accoustic. Forget the folksy stuff and go electric.
Get yourself a band. I remember the look on his face.
Sort of relief. The tension in the trademark
hunched shoulders seemed to melt away.

extract from Bob Dylan and The Blue Angel in Everyday Eclipses

Childhood recalled, killer ducks, alien moths, untamed regrets, gilt insecurities, the daytime nightmares of parenthood, the lightning of chance, surrealism out on the town.

This collection of poems sparkles with the humour & deep-down joy we've come to expect. Truly, one for the road

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Everyday Eclipses - Table of Contents

Everyday Eclipses
Greek Tragedy
The Terrible Outside
'What does your father do?'
An Apology
Bob Dylan and the Blue Angel 
Hey, Dude
A Bolt from the Blue
Thank U Very Much
The One About the Duck
Honey and Lemon
Bees Cannot Fly
My Life in the Garden
Flight Path
Don't Read. All About It
On the Point of Extinction
On Having a First Book of Poetry Published
It's a jungle Out There
Pure jaguar
Learning to Read
The Oxford Book of Twentieth-Century English Verse
This is One of Those
In Two Minds
Meeting the Poet at Victoria Station
The Logic of Meteors
Memento Mori
Two Riddles
After the Reading
A Fine Tooth Comb
The Lottery
Echoes Sound Afar
On Dover Beach
Sleep Over
Porno Poem
The Theatre
Say 'Ah!'
Right as Rain
My Divine juggler
I Married a Human Cannonball
The Tallest Man in Britain
The Perfect Crime
Love Cycle
No Message
Sad Music
The End
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