The Kite and Caitlin
The Kite and Caitlin - cover The Kite and Caitlin
Roger McGough

Illustrated by: John Prater
Trafalgar Square 2000
ISBN 0 09 956131-X

Caitlin loves the kite her mother bought at a car-boot sale. She has a vision of climbing a mountain and flying the kite from the highest peak. But she is very ill and isn't going to get better. As she slips away, the kite promises to take her where the air is fresh and pure beyond the mightiest earthly summit, to the Great Mountain of Light. 

'The Kite and Caitlin is an ideal book for children who are learning about, or dealing with, the concept of death, but is also a strangely joyful story that any parent and child can enjoy together.' (Ages 4 and over) - Susan Harrison

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